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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 10, 2013, 9:15 PM

Currently i'm creating my own indie videogame and eating tacos so my keryboard is a bit dirty of food and it can influence in some missssssppEllli gs,.,.,

MY INDIE GAME (first look) by itzaspace
more information in my profile below, tThanmks! 

Here are some of my illustrations that i did before starting with my video game

Overwatch Roles fanart by itzaspace

And this is my second 3D model ever
Valeera 3D preview by itzaspace

And this is.... 
70693028 Jyfvgaekqrbmxrx by itzaspace

WOOOooPs!!! wrong picture, i just misclick the wrong image, as i said i´m eating tacos, now my mouse is also a bit dirty, just forget this picture :(
Ok here are some of my lastest artworks, i just hope to not misclick again my +18 folders :s

Tyrande 02 by itzaspaceOverwatch Team Fight by itzaspaceFemale char concept art by itzaspace

Bdss by itzaspaceCam00490 by itzaspace
Yo-da by itzaspacePicture-27 by itzaspace

Hi i'm a videogame developer, an entrepreneur with a Bachelor´s Degree in marketing and commercial systems, who wants to create his own videogame company. Actually i'm creating my own 2D indie videogame with my cousin. Our first demo will be launched early 2018 on kickstarter.
I'm the Creator, illustrator, concept artist, writer, music composer, animator, level/battle/sound designer and doing the business, legal and marketing stuff and my cousin is the programmer in unity 3D.
OH! i forgot to say that i'm also a cool cat :3 

The game will be a RPG side scroller direct and some parts top down Slight angle with my art style (no pixel), that will revolutionize a new gender and combat mechanics in the video game industry, something that you have never seen, i promisse. You will be a child lost in a strange, creepy and darkness world and you have to find the way out, There will be many dungeons with + 20 Bosses, each dungeon and Boss has their own visual style, Dungeons will be side scroller and outside of the dungeons (the world) will be top down, some dungeons and bosses will be creepy, and others very cute. Boss mechanics will be always different and you will have differents attacks and skills for each boss, they will not be the generic boss with a life bar and the generic combat system of shoot or hit them... (just no). To kill them you will have to find the method and their weakness point.

Some inspirations come for videogames like:
undertale, shovel knight, Darksouls, metroidvania, zelda, mushihimesama, parodius, metal slug, Ghouls´n Ghosts, decap attack, contra, terranigma, mother, secret of mana, everymore and hearth fo darkness. 

Stay tune! i will submit my progress, art and stuff of my game here when i had a solid progress, and thank you very much for all the support, you guys made my dreams come true! I have declined all jobs offers but thanks! i'm puting my soul in this project working almost 12-15 hours every day, if you have some questions feel free to ask, or read the FAQ below =)
And-this-is by itzaspace

- Developing my own indie videogame for steam and hopefully for more plataforms.

-Eat tacos I want a taco. Gir rocks your socks off 

-Drink as peach did in the podium of super mario kart japanese ver. Peach by itzaspaceI don´t drink really but i just wanted to paste this gif :3

 Link Shocked 
-What can we spect about your incoming videogame?
It will be a 6 hours game, full illustrated with my style (inspired in majoras mask, darksouls and capcom style) The lore will make you cry sometimes and will make you laught. +20 bosses, 9 of them will have their own lore cinimetics, they will be the top bosses. The game will have puzzles, it will not be linear, in the top down world there will be many ways, you can go wherever you want first, you can go to any dungeon in any time, the problem is, should i go to this dungeon first? or later? if you played dark souls 1 you know what i mean. You are a child in a creepy world, what can go wrong?

-Why did you decided to create your own indie videogame, how does the idea started?
My previously dreams were to work for Blizzard, i got declined like 12 times (LOL) , and many more times in many videogame companies. 
I was not depressed or something, but one day i saw the AGDQ 2017 and my first inspiration was to see the undertale game being speed runing, and was the first time watching that game, it was crazy, and blows my mind to know that one guy created almost everything of the game in 2.5 years, also i was motivated for the hypher light drifter creator and a small video documentary of the "making of" that i saw in PAX 2016, you can watch it here and the last thing that motivated me was a video documentary of bill gates vs steve jobs and wozniak, you can watch it here. After the undertale speed run my dreams changed so i stopped sending applications and declined some offers to work 100% in my game. I noticed how talent i'm to create my own game, and that work for a AAA videogame company will be a waste of my talent, so i decided to create my own videogame company (we are 2) but i'm convinced that my game will be a before and after in the videogame industry, so my profesional goal is to create the biggest and most important Videogame company in Latin America, start with my 2D indie game and use the earnings create AAA videogames.

-First console and game?
The first console that i "played" was the Atari 2600 with Pac-man when i was 1-2 years old, this is honestly the first
memory that i can remember in all my life, i was sitting in the legs of my mom "playing" it with her help

-How was that you started working in the video game industry?
One day in 2013 i was really boring with my daily routine (wake up, school, Wow, Sleep xD),
so i took my notebook and drew my first WoW fanart (Sylvanas) which was 
a really bad art lol... but at the time, it was the best and the most epic art for me, so i was really motivated and 
started watching the Blizzard's art, then i was curious about how to do digital art, and I scanned my art and i 
colored my artwork with my mouse and with 0 knowledge of PS, the result: the most creepy thing ever! . 
weeks after i bought my first digital tablet and started studying PS, Painter, styles, color theory, anatomy 
by my self and the rest is history.

-How was that you learned to draw in the digital media? 
I live in a small city from México, so here, there isn't any kind of professionals classes for PS or digital art, 
so i learned by myself watching a lot of youtube tutorials, if you are new i can highly recommend some 
great video tutorials in youtube of digital art that were useful for me, just send me a note. But the main
ingredients are the practice and the dedication.

-Why is your english so bad?

Favorite visual artist: Android jones, su-ke, Kekai Kotaki,Glenn rane, Artgerm, Luis Royo, Shinkiro, Wei Wang.
Favorite games: Dark souls 1&2, Demons souls (souls games are my favourite games all time) Bloodborne, warcraft 3 and WoW:Wotlk, zelda (1,2, A link to the past,OoT, MM & WW), Donkey kong, country 1-3 ,super mario 1-3, :the lost levels, world 1,2 ,kart, rpg,64, Mother 1,2, Star Fox, 64 and adventures, Metroid Zero mission, Super & prime, splatoon, smash bros 64 & melee,megaman, Pikmin, punchout, f-zero SFC and GX, Pokemon red/blue, Gold/silver, Stadium, snap, Tetris, tetris attack-Panel de pon, pac-man, Space invaders, twin bee, Gokujyo Parodius, fantasy zone,  mushihimesama, Espgaluda II, Ibara,  Ikaruga, Dodonpachi Daioujyou, gradius, einhander, clu clu land, bomberman, shovel knight, hyper light drifter, terranigma, undertale, castelvania FCDS, SFC and GB, Akumajô special: Boku Dracula-kun, Wild guns, elevator action returns, Tiny toon SFC, Cold shadow , Demon's crest, sunset riders, Zombies ate my neighbors, Batman FC ,ghostbusters 2, battletoads,TMNT iv, ninja gaiden, contra 1-3, Chrono trigger, Ys 1-2, Final fantasy 1,6,7, secret of mana and everymore, kingdom hearts, shadow of the colossus, phantasy star online,  katamari damacy, okami, Super Street fighters 2, mortal kombat2&9, final fight, fatal fury, Double dragon, Virtua fighter, killer instinct, darkstalkers, KoF 97-02, Metal slug 1-3, gusntar heroes , Diablo 2, age of empires, dota 1, league of legends, half-life, portal, left 4 dead, Tony hawk 2, pepsiman, DBZ legends, Parrapa, Herc's Adventures, hearth of darkness, Clock tower, Splatterhouse 3 and wanpaku, Ghouls´n Ghosts, decap attack, silent Hill 1-3, resident evil 1-4, dead space, soma,Turok, Doom vanilla and new DOOM, metal gear, tomb raider games, Gears of wars, halo 1-3 , cs:go, Cod MW 1, 2, black ops 1, the last of us, bioshock, Assasin's creed 1,2, sunset overdrive, Syrim V, Guild Wars 2, tera, The witcher 3, GTA SA&5, red dead redemption and E.T. The extra-terrestrial (just kidding :3)

Favorite anime: Death note, FMA, Stains:gate, code geass, akira, chilbli movies, elfen lied, clannad, school days, claymore, Knights of the zodiac, Dragon ball, ranma 1/2, Shakugan no shana, pet shop of horrors, samurai champloo, Attack on titan, Boku dake, one punch man, kiseijuu, cowboy bebop, re:zero, tengen toppa, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso, kimi no na wa.

Favorite movies: 
Art film/cult film as (Ciudad de deus, Taegukgirequiem for a dream, mulholland drive
Salinui chueoktrainspotting, a ChugyeorgjaAng-ma-reul bo-at-da, SevenDer UntergangThe Silence of the Lambs, The othersA Beautiful Mind, , The imitation game, Incendies, A clockwork orange, Pulp fiction, Reservoir dogs, Amores perrosHotaru no hakaMy full IMDB list.

Favorite TV shows: Banged Up Abroad, cosmos, the universe, Breaking bad, game of thrones, Animal planet, the champions league, kenan and kel. south park, beavis and butthead, invader zim.

Favorite bands / musical artists: Nortec, Zoe, Hello seahorse, belanova, austin tv, lebaron, funeral for a friend, arch enemy, taking back sunday, the used, underoath, Killswitch Engage, Heaven shall burn, classical mussic as batch, yiruma etc... music of the 30-50s & 80s, psycho, trance, rock, rap, alternative, metal.

Favorite gaming platform: (I'm more a retro gamer and i play them in a Sony PVM trinitron CRT monitor for the best experience)
Xbox360>PCEngine>Gameboy color>FC>PS2>Xbox One>PS4>PS3>Gamecube>Saturn>dreamcast

Other Interests: Music composer, Astronomy, soccer, cult movies.
See you guys and thanks for watching, i really appreciate it, have a nice day :)   

 (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ WATCH ME OR RIOT (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ
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itzaspace has started a donation pool!
1,800 / 2,000
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Support me to create my own videogame for steam and hopefuly for more platforms
Thanks you so much for the support, i promisse that i will be one of the most iconics indie games of all time!!!

Every donation will help me :c
Thank for the support =)

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